What Our Clients Say


“I worked with Irene Basdakis to help me pass the California State Bar and it was one of the greatest decision I ever made. She is very compassionate and dedicated, and unlike other people I worked with, Irene never gave up on me and was there for me until I received the good news that I had passed! She answered every question that I had and she helped me cope with my frustrations and kept telling me that I would eventually get it if I kept working hard. She is my bar angel and I could have never passed this test without her. Thank you Irene and Bar Made Easy.”


“As a student completing my education requirements under the California BARs “Intent to Study Law in a Law Office or Judge’s Chambers” program, I found Bar Made Easy and Irene Basdakis. Her tutelage proved to be an indispensable aid as I worked to complete my California Baby Bar and Bar preparation. Irene knows the subject matter and has synthesized outlines for each key subject. Her guidance through the proven test taking methods helped me succeed.”


“Dear Irene,

Without the experience gained from having taken the Coast Guard’s three day “Mate and Master” license exams I might have just tried to wing the FYLSE (Baby Bar), after all “how hard could it be?”  Well hard enough that on average only 1 out of 5 pass.  Being a small business owner requires so much of my time and attention that it can wear me out.  I knew to pass the FYLSE I would need to give it the respect it deserved and select a program which would provide me with the best chance of passing it the first time.  I went with Bar Made Easy and passed the first time I sat for it on June 26, 2012.  The one-on-one sessions and frequent communications they provide gave me the motivation to keep me focused on my goal.  I strongly believe that anyone that does the work will pass as well.  I am so glad I made the right choice and that hurdle is now behind me.”

Passed June 2012 FYLSE (Baby Bar)


“My name is Tye G. Trostad.  I am a successful practicing attorney in Orange County, California, and I firmly believe that Irene Basdakis was the instructor that helped me to pass the California BAR exam.  

I met Mrs. Basdakis in the spring of 2007, when I was searching for a course to help me prepare for the BAR exam.  Mrs. Basdakis was the only instructor that not only knew the law and the information needed to successfully take the BAR exam, but she also knew how to convey that information to her students.  It is not enough to know the law; one must also know how to effectively pass that knowledge on to others in a manner that is clear, understandable and inspiring.  Mrs. Basdakis has these two key abilities. 

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It has been my first hand experience that Mrs. Basdakis is very kind and patient with her students and indeed empathizes with them.  I have spoken with and had the opportunity to work with other former students of hers and we all have the utmost belief in her abilities as a professor and a lawyer and, given the opportunity, would work with and study under her again.  She is a person of the highest ethical and professional caliber.” 

I truly cannot say enough about how Mrs. Basdakis helped me and others in our legal studies.  If I had found her in the beginning of my law school career, I definitely would have studied under her in addition to my classroom instruction.  Although I graduated with honors, I believe that Mrs. Basdakis could have helped me to significantly improve my understanding of the law, and to write better exams for law school and the BAR as well.

Law school instructors are so important and so critical to the students and their understanding of the law.  It is pivotal that instructors be able to convey the course information to the students.  Yet many professors are not able to do this.  As a result, many students develop frustrating “dead zones” in various subject areas, which it is our/their responsibility to address and to correct. However, Mrs. Basdakis cleared up my “dead zones” and in the process, gave me analytical tools to use in the future.  She also has the ability to break down complicated and sometimes daunting concepts and tasks, such as the Performance Exam, and make them completely manageable.  Most importantly, she has the ability to teach as well as motivate and inspire, especially when it seems that the situation is hopeless.  All of these abilities and qualities make Mrs. Basdakis outstanding. I highly recommend Ms. Basdakis and Bar Made Easy.”


“Professor Basdakis,

I sincerely appreciate your help, patience, teaching style and flexible schedules.  I recently passed my 3rd year and I could not have done it without you.  Four kids, medical problems and working full time meant that my studying had to be efficient, and you helped me write much more effectively than I had done in the previous 2 years of school.  I wish I had learned of your program earlier in my law school career! I certainly would recommend your products and tutoring to anyone.”


“Bar Made Easy (BME) has helped me tremendously in my transition into law school. The study programs that are available are fine tuned to you individually as a student. I feel like I am getting more understanding of topics and subjects in law school because of the BME Programs. I would recommend BME to any law student.”


“Bar Made Easy is exactly what it says.  The team showed me how to write my essays and performance exams the “CA Bar Way”.  Their patience, coaching and one-on-one approach game me the skills to pass the bar.  I was a repeater and wish I had taken Bar Made Easy the first time.  I am sure I would have passed then.”


“Professor Basdakis,

Your Contract’s Checklist/Outline is outstanding; I am only saying the truth!  Without your outlines I would have been unable to pass the Baby Bar.  I am crazy about your products.

Thank you.”


“Hi Irene,

First I would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday and a happy new year.

I would like to tell all of your students that it is a great honor to have a mentor like you.  I think that over the last few years, I have certainly realized that hard work pays off.

I think that the practice that I found most useful was to write the essays in the format that you teach so very well.  I have no doubt that your students will succeed and do well if they follow your direction.

Last but not least, the effort that you put into teaching your students is astounding, and for that I will remain forever indebted.

Thank you.”


“Bar Made Easy is the best bar prep service because attorney Irene Basdakis is totally committed to her student’s success.  She developed her superior prep materials from her own hard-earned experience.  She is a gifted and dedicated legal educator who actually cares whether you pass or fail your exam.  She is open and honest and takes a genuine interest in her students.  If you are willing to do your part and put in the necessary study time, Irene Basdakis will do her very best to have you prepared to sit for your exam.”


“The essay critiques were instrumental in providing me the ability to prevent writing conclusionary statements, enhancing my factual anaylsis and succinct discussions with a logical approach in an organized manner.”

Passed October 2011 FYLSE (Baby Bar)


“Bar Made Easy’s Baby Bar Review Guarantee Program is truly excellent for preparing and passing the California First Year Law School Examination (FYSLE) and for first year law school final examinations. The tutor was very thorough, provided great feedback and it was the best tutoring I received. I became an efficient issue spotter and proficient in essay writing for the FYSLE. I strongly recommend this program. It was the best investment I made for the FYLSE preparation.”


“You helped me achieve a great level of understanding regarding the black letter law and the application of the law in a short time – a very short time.

You helped me put together the right skill set and tools to be able to walk into that exam, and achieve, under any circumstances.

I definitely feel I had all the tools necessary to pass the exam because my understanding of the law was greatly increased in just a few weeks.”