Law School For The 40+ Crowd

24 Mar

Where once only a minority of law students were over the age of 40, it has become a growing trend in most law schools across the nation ( Many people over the age of 40 are enrolling in law school for numerous reasons: obtaining an advanced degree, a second or third career move, or for […]

How To Pass the CA Baby Bar

16 Mar

Have you wondered why the CA Baby Bar pass rate is so low? Simply stated, first year law students are not prepared to pass final examinations, never mind the Baby Bar. The first year of law school is quite overwhelming with all the required reading assignments and case briefings.  Students can easily get lost in the […]

Who Must Pass The CA Baby Bar Exam?

08 Mar

According to the California State Bar, unaccredited law school students are required to take and pass the First-Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSE), also known as the CA Baby Bar exam. There are specific timelines for when this must be completed. The following provides important information on the CA Baby Bar Exam, what is required, and […]

Are Case Briefs Enough To Pass Law School Final Exams and the Bar?

01 Dec

Reading the case book and briefing each case is intended to teach students how to analyze a case and how to break down the case in order to learn the court’s ruling and why the court decided the way it did. Ultimately, the goal of any law student is to be able to pass law school final exams and pass Bar exams. How can this information be used and are case briefs enough to pass Bar exams?