Are Case Briefs Enough To Pass Law School Final Exams and the Bar?

01 Dec

Reading the case book and briefing each case is intended to teach students how to analyze a case and how to break down the case in order to learn the court’s ruling and why the court decided the way it did. Ultimately, the goal of any law student is to be able to pass law school final exams and pass Bar exams. How can this information be used and are case briefs enough to pass Bar exams?

Are Case Briefs Enough to Pass Bar Exams?

There exists a misnomer among law students that if one reads all assigned cases in the syllabus and briefs those cases, one will achieve high grades and successfully pass law school final exams and Bar exams.  While it is true that knowledge of the black letter law is important, what is most crucial is knowing how to apply the law to essay examinations and multistate questions. Thus, whether you attend ABA approved accredited law schools or unaccredited law schools, relying on your text books and case briefs are not enough to pass your law school final exams and Bar exams.

The Challenge

The predicament with briefing is at the end of the year students will have well over a three-inch stack of briefs filled with great rules. How can these miscellaneous rules then be organized and applied to law school final exams and Bar exams? It is an almost impossible and overwhelming task. With the time constraints placed on law students today, including employment, families and other responsibilities, students must learn to work smarter not harder.

Preparing for Law School Final Exams and Bar Exams

Do adhere to the class syllabus (at your accredited or unaccredited law school) but go beyond the classroom and begin applying your learned knowledge to practice examinations and multistate questions. Obtain a handle on the law and then start applying it to as many practice Bar exams as possible. Practice examinations can be found on file in most law school libraries, from state bar websites, in bookstores and on the Internet. This will not only help with Bar exams but also with law school final exams. This will make you a better test taker and ultimately, a lawyer.

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