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For Baby Bar Students

Baby Bar Review Program (for First Year Law Student's Examination)

Knowing the law is not enough to pass the California Baby Bar Exam. It's the consistent practice of applying the law to multistate bar exam questions and essays and not the memorization of the law that will allow you to pass.

Start applying the law you've learned to multistate bar exam questions and write over 50 essays for personal critique.  We read your assignments line by line so that constructive feedback can then be shared during each session.  Comments can include how well you did, what changes are needed, detailed corrections and test taking tips that can be incorporated into your next assignment.

Baby Bar Review Guarantee Program

With an average pass rate of 19%, even the most prepared student can fail this exam. Our unique Guarantee Program is your "one-of-a-kind" insurance policy to passing the test. Come through our Baby Bar Review Program and work hard.  If you give 100% effort and fail, come through our customized follow up program for FREE and we'll help you improve your weak areas and pass the next Baby Bar.

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